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OT: Beat Up Lakers Survive Against Spurs in Alamo Dome


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no, this ain't the 2001 Lakers. there is no 48 point outburst from Kobe Bryant or 40/20 numbers for Shaquille O'Neal this time around against the Spurs.

The Lakers are a wounded animal with Shaq, Kobe, and Robert Horry all sporting limiting injuries. None more severe than the sprained foot which has cut down on Shaq's mobility on the defensive end.

But the Lakers are also running into a better Spurs team this time around.

Tim Duncan is playing with more focus and intensity than he did in 2001. Tony Parker and Malik Rose have brought youth and quickness where there was age before.

Still, the Lakers are surviving. Whether it will be good enough to keep advancing is a question mark.

Jackson's strategy this time around is to use Bryant as the stalking horse early on and allow Shaq to save himself for the inevitable push in the second half.

It worked well last night as the team got an unexpected 12 point performance by Samaki Walker in the first half to allow the Lakers to take a lead at the half.

If the Lakers allow SA to grab a 10 point halftime lead next time around, do they still win the game? Last year I would have said yes unequivocally, knowing that Shaq was averaging 65% shooting and would get his 20 shots and 3 or 4 blocks on the defensive end.

Now, who knows?

One thing I do know. The Lakers offseason acquisitions have in the main failed to come forward and help the team when needed.

Samaki Walker is the one player the team brought in that has fulfilled his role, rebounding, playing strong defense and being Shaq's 5-10 minute backup at center when necessary.

The other two acquisitions, Lindsey Hunter and Mitch Richmond, were dismal failures.

The team discovered that Richmond's knees are completely shot, both bone/bone and the guy simply couldn't play anymore at an NBA level. A shame that he didn't come to LA 3 or 4 years ago when the original trade with Sacramento was rumored to be in the works.

At least the Wizards would have gotten more for Chris Webber :)

Hunter at 30 was supposed to be a contributor at the point, perhaps a 10 point/ 4 assist per game man.

Instead he was so awful and his turnover/assists so bad that Jackson decided to play 36 year old Brian Shaw at the point behind Fisher and Bryant when necessary and then switch him over at time to defend the #2 as well.

The entire rationale for bringing in Hunter was to limit the minutes of both Shaw and Fisher at the 1 spot and allow them to play more 2 behind Kobe.

Oh, well. :shootinth

The one thing I will say in the Lakers favor is that in this series the Spurs have really failed to take full advantage of their opportunities.

This could easily be 3-0 Spurs right now.

The Lakers have played 3 games and have played well in perhaps 5 of those 12 quarters.

You could see the distance the Lakers were still able to put between themselves and the Spurs when Shaq came out in the third quarter and seemed to have better mobility with his foot re-taped.

The Spurs have the talent to win, which I didn't think they had last year, but the question is, is it mature enough to see the opportunity being presented before it is snatched away by the more savvy and experienced LA squad?

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Guest Trevor

Well, Hunter did play pretty well at the beginning of the season when Fischer was out. Considering who he was traded for(Greg Foster), I don't feel too bad about the non production from him. Last year he basically did the same thing with the Bucks, played well early and by playoff time was nowhere to be found.

Until you mentioned Richmond, I had almost totally forgot he was on the team. He was definetly the biggest disapointment of the season for LA. I really thought he would be the third option to help take the pressure of the big two, but it appears as though that third scorer position will never be filled. Partly due to the Buss' unwillingness to pay the luxury tax for going over the cap.

I never was a fan of Samaki Walker and was quite suprised that's who the Lakers turned to fill the power forward slot. But I got to admit that he has played very well agianst his old team and has been of the keys to keeping us in and in the lead of this series.

I still feel the Lakers will win the championship this year. It's gonna be more of a struggle, but when it comes down to it, even with Shaq hobbled there is no matchup for him. As long as the role players produce they'll definetly be a three-peat. Damn that sounds nice :)

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The Spurs are only Timmay Duncan and the side kicks.

David The Admiral Robinson is done and is practical invisible.

The spurs and other teams tha play against the lakers display a post game until it maters thenits fade away time instead of hard to the hoop.

It would be nice to see the spurs advane but thats not likely so I guess its gonna be Lakers and Kings

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That sux, I hate the Los Angeles Lakers!!!!! They might be wounded animal but them like the Yankees are going to find a way to win it all again because they have that championship experience.

I hate all the glamour franchises in Sports Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves. :finger:

I don't know if the NHL has a Glamour Franchise????? Maybe the Montreal Canadians:?:

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When the Spurs won that last game in LA and headed to the AlamoDome, I knew they had a chance, but they had to win last night. They didn't and the series is a foregone conclusion - Lakers win again.

Boy...the most exciting playing in the NBA is when Shaq lowers his shoulder and barrels through David Robinson for a dunk. I don't understand why they can't call it for what it is - an offensive foul.

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As a Lakers fan I'm not happy to see the way they are playing. Everyone seems as if they are waiting for someone else to make the big shot that will push them through.

Bulldog, I'm suprised you speak about Richmond,Even if he was 100% and was in the rotation, he wouldn't be making much of a difference, much like Rice wasn't the answer untill Phil came on board. Shaq is hurting and the team is trying to figure out who they will follow, they are not in any kind of flow on offense, and look completely out of sink.

If I'm Phil I sit Shaq out at least for the first half of the next game and try to build some chemistry with the the guys on the floor. After that,if Shaq has something to add, you put him in and ride him.If not, we wait for game five. Either way what's going on now reminds me of the Lakers pre-Jackson and we all know what that means.

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I disagree. This year's Lakers team cannot afford to sit Shaq and allow other teams to potentially build up double digit first half leads.

They need to keep games close and look to pull away in the fourth quarter with their experience and the mismatch inside. :)

Shaq stirs the drink. The entire team lifts its play when Shaq is able to set a physical tone and dominate on the inside.

When Shaq is tenative or is not in the flow of the game the perimeter shooters become tentative and start standing around.

The result is bad shots and turnovers.

The backcourt defense on Tony Parker was all but invisible last night and that matchup is one the Lakers will have to focus on in Game 4.

With Robinson not the player he was at 37 and with the disk problem in his back, the Spurs catalysts are now Duncan and Parker.

Parker's inexperience has to be used against him by design. Force him into early fouls by driving to the basket and making him cover a lot of ground on defense. The Lakers backcourt players were standing around in Game 3. That has to change.

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All I'm gonna say is that whoever wins the Lakers/Spurs series is going to get a severe beatdown in the next round.

I fully expect the Kings to finish off the Mavs, but either team has way too much firepower for the two crippled teams in the other half of the western conference. The Lakers with a healthy Shaq would be a huge challenge to the Mavs or Kings, but with the way he's limping around out there at this point, it's all over. The Kings will score, sic Christie on Kobe, get out to cover the 3-point role players on the Lakers, and just outrun them down the court.

As for the Spurs, Duncan is nice, and so is Parker, but Parker is just a kid. The Kings flood the passing lanes, and have just enough in the frontcourt to handle Duncan (Pollard comes in handy here). Just too much damn offensive punch, to be honest.

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You have it backwards. With Shaq in 2001 mode, the Mavs and Kings MIGHT have been a good challenge for the Lakers. :)

Webber has still not proven to be a difference maker in the clutch and that is something I am going to have to see before I write the Kings in as NBA Champs, my friend....................

The Eastern Conference doesn't appear to be a factor in our discussions, although I am amazed at the job the Celtics have done since booting Pitino.

What an arrogant a$$ Pitino is. Tales of what he said and did in Boston (from co-workers of mine that work in our Boston office) are truly unbelievable.

This guy should be at practice in a toga with a laurel wreath telling people to call him 'CAESAR'...............................

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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

Hello, my name is OrangeSkin, and I'm stupid. Why aren't the NBA playoffs ever on TV?

You have to have cable in order to watch the non weekend games of any series except for the finals in which NBC televises every game. TNT and TBS share airtime in the mean time.

I got to admit the Laker's offseason signings really have been a dissappointment so far, but the way I look at it, teams aren't willing to trade with the champs to make them even better. Besides, Cuban is gonna c@#k block any attempts by the Lakers to improve themselves. I'm thinking some of the FA PF who is sick and tired of guarding Shaq is gonna just give in and join the team. i.e. Dale Davis, hopefully Malik Rose, but I doubt it. With the luxury tax the way it is, Buss doesn't want to match dollar for dollar for going over it. So in the meantime, the only FA they can sign are those who are willing to take those veteran exceptions that the team can afford.

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Hey Bulldog, you mentioned being in Beantown?? If that's correct, can you tell me if the No Name Restaurant is still there on the docks at the harbor?

Also there is a pub just as you come out of Government Center station for the subway. I believe it is across the street, with a step down into the action, bars, and tables. Is that still there, as well. I forgot the name of it, but me and my old war buddies would stop in there on Saturday Nights.

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