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The Skins Salary Cap at a glance

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What strikes me is that we aren't in great position for next year. Some rough numbers:

Lavar - 1.9

Marco - 5.5

Davis - 8.9

B. Smith - 5.5

Trottier - 2.5

Wilkinson - 5.4

Wynn - 2.1

Champ - 3

Sammuals - 1.8

These 9 players account for 36.9 mil against our cap next year as it stands now. That's a rather hefty chunk concidering we still have to pay 42 other guys. It's not horrible, but...we still have to resign Jansen. Let's hope nobody "feels they deserve more" and thus holds out.

Of course that 36.9 for next year assume we keep both B. Smith and Coleman at current prices which we all hope won't happen.

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That sites all over the place though. Some figures are up to date , others are not.

....and I'll give you the tip, Lavar's cap figure next year will be A LOT higher more than $1.9m. After escalator clauses in his contract kick in, his base will be at least $3.5m plus he will have a bundle of incentives.

Don't be surprised that after his 2002 season, that his cap figure is in the $7.0m range.

Samuels escalators have already kicked in and he will most probably count up to $7.0m in 2003 as well.

Davis at this stage figures to count over $11m in 2003.

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Are we going to have to do some major house cleaning of our cap again next year?

Just for thoose guys listed there, any idea what our cap hit next year looks like, PC?

Is there a situation where cutting someone this year will save us beaucoup dollars next year even if the guy is playing okay now (example Stubby last year). Do we need to do this?

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This is obviously why we can't keep Davis in 2003 under the current contract - hence the talk of renegotiation.

Remember we have $12.2m of dead cap money on the books in 2002, so at first glance that would be freed up next year.

"$12.2m made up of :

Mike Westbrook 1.100 (incentives based on 2001)

Michael Bates 0.050

Mookie Moore 0.074

Lloyd Harrison 0.252

Deion Sanders 5.720

Jeff George 3.182

Mario Monds 0.039

Mark Carrier 1.800"

However, if we start releasing the Coleman's and/or Smith's after June 1 and Davis ends up leaving before the 2003 season, then obviously we will have more dead cap issues.

As it stands right now, by my estimate, the following 9 players will most probably make up around $54.5m of the 2003 cap..........










(this includes estimating incentives where applicable)

Thats why hard decisions on Davis, Smith and Coleman are needed very soon.

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Ouch, if those 9 players count 54.5 mil against the cap, then we still need 42 more players. IF everybody made the vet min (roughly 400K) that's almost another 17 mil. That puts us at about 71.5 mil roughly. That assumes all vet min players (yeah right! like we could stomache cutting D. Green and the like), and we still want to resign Jansen.

I think it's time to start looking at whether we should be cutting Bruce and or Coleman before June 1st to save room next year (ala stubby last year). I know that hurts. I'm a huge Coleman fan. If we redo Davis's deal, I say keep Coleman and still send Smith packing.

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BCS, are you trying to piss PC off? :laugh:

Don't you remember his tagline..."all trade Stephen Davis messages will be deleted!'...oops that was the other board, my bad :rolleyes:

Anyways...I wonder why now the media, and for that case, Davis's agent - has conveniently forgotten about how this deal was NEVER going to last more that 4-5 years. The thing was severly backloaded with non- guarenteed money and with incentives. This was to protect the Skins against a One Career Year type of season.

I am sure that Davis's contract will be reworked - but at least the Skins took the initiative and drafted a replacement at RB who possibly could take over in case Davis's contract isnt reworkable.

Additionally, I would expect Arrington/Samuels/Bailey/Jansen to sign longer term deals that will lessen the immediate cap hit but provide more guarenteed $'s to them. It probably wont happen this year - but it could happen in the next few years.

While Snyder may be impetous - I doubt he will let the best Redskins leave without some type of fight.

Just my opinion though...

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Not that it will mean much - but it could mean an extra 8-10 players...

On average, the cap gets adjusted by about 3% upwards each year. This means...next years cap will be about 2.5 mil more.

Thus, with that extra 2.5 mil...the Skins could have 6-10 players making the bottom of the salary rung - provided those same players were at the bottom of the 51 top players.

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What are the salary cap implications of cutting Sam Shade? The chart says his 2002 cap hit is $4.36M, which seems around four or five times his worth.

It may be just me, but my memory of half of the bad plays on defense by the Skins over the last two years involve Shade mistackles or trailing on plays. Sure he wracked up some tackles as well, but all strong safeties do -- nature of the position.

Shade and Bruce Smith seem like the most overpaid players coming into 2002.

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Sam Shade SS

2002 Cap Hit $2.220m

SB Penalty (cut prior June 1) $3.440m (cost $1.220m)

SB Penalty (cut after June 1) $1.720m (save $500k in 2002, cap hit of $1.720m in 2003)

Shade restructured last season - thats what I mean by that site not being up to date.

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Shade's base salary is 650k in 2002 and $1.5 mil in 2003 right? These are the last two years of his contract I think.

So if he is cut next year...then even though we would be assuming his dead money of $1.7+ mil the Skins would be gaining the $1.5 mil in salary back.

Shade looks more like he will be a June 1, 2003 cap casualty.

That way the Skins save $2.36 mil (his $1.5 mil base and 1/2 of the remaining bonus of $1.72 mil) in 03-04 on him and create 860k in dead money in 04-05.

Sound logical PC?

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So what do y'all recommend?

Cut Smith?

Only good for one more year, and would've retired had Marty stayed, anyway. Nice guy, HoFer, but that's a lot of money for someone who's gonna play only 30 snaps a game.

Cut Shade?

Ridiculously overpriced. But safety is a bit of a ? for us. Can Lott step in as a rookie?

Cut Coleman?

Only good for, say, two more years, if healthy. Lot of $$$ for what he could provide. And what's our passrush without Smith and Coleman? Maybe I'm willing to find that out... With our corners and LBs, I'll take a solid DT over a solid DE.

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Ok PC - help me out here...

If Shade has 3.44 mil left on his bonus and his contract is for two more years (this upcoming year and the next)....

And his base salaries (assuming this is right) from the NFLPA is listed as 650k in 2002-03 and 1.5mil in 2003-04.

His cap # would be $2.37 mil this year right?

I mean - what you said and I say are only 170k apart - but am I operating on the wrong numbers?

Thanks Cobber.

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