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Simple Draft Logic For Skins

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This is the simple plan the Redskins will follow on Saturday.

First, they will try to trade up and get Harrington. (I agree with this whole heartdly, we need a QB, and Harrington fits the bill)

Second, if Harrington is gone, they will look for the top 4 DT's

Third, if the DT's are gone they will look to trade down to the lower first round or second round to amass more picks, then they will likely try to take Ramsey and WR or Guard.

Fourth, if they can't complete a trade they will take a guard.

God I would love to see Trotter in the burgundy and gold.

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the question you have to ask yourself is this. Would making the trade up to get Harrington and then sign Trotter be worth what we would be giving up?

Lost: signing Trotter means the opportunity to solidify the DT spot by signing Sam Adams is out the window.

Lost: the utilization of a #2 pick and perhaps more in the tradeup for Harrington. That is a potential starter, a Jon Jansen type player at the very least. Once again, it robs us of another shot at a DT.

Lost: The opportunity to use a #1 pick NEXT year on a qb in a much deeper draft class where Harrington might only be the #4 rated prospect. The truth may be that we would be moving up to select a player that NEXT year would still be on the boad with a pick in the 20's. That's not value to me. It's called projecting a need and not going for the best player(s) available.

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I disagree.

You have to have a QB in this league to succeed. I'm getting sick and tired of having a different QB every year. We have a young nucleus on defense and offense, all we need now is a competent signal caller to really turn the corner.

Harrington makes sense if you can get him. For our 1st, 2nd and 3rd or 4th next year, I would do that deal in a heartbeat to have a chance for a great young QB.

You can find guards either later on in the draft or via free agency. Our line is not a problem, our problem has always been the guy throwing the ball. It's time to fix that problem if we can.

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Why does everybody keep saying, go after Sam Adams? The guy is 31 yrs. old. What was our problem last year? The defense or the offense? We have to address our QB position. Now hey, Spurrier might surprise us and Mr. Wuerffel might end up being the guy, or maybe Sage. But if you have a shot at a Harrington, who projects out to be a good QB, you go after him.

Vet. DT aren't cheap.

Now if you can get him for around the vet min. well then sure go for it. But other than that what's the point?

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I admit that I will be excited if we trade up for Harrington. There's a good chance he'll be our man for years to come if we land him. but the downside to that equation if he doesn't pan out is terrible. we would lose our second rounder and have only one player to show for two rounds, and possibly lose our top pick next year. also, with it looking more and more likely that we will get Trotter, our cap situation is back to being screwed.

would much rather stand pat and get a DT and OG in rounds one and two.

Hey Navy Dave, nice icon. though, judging by your obvious partiality for lineman, wouldn't Dave Butz have been more appropriate:high:

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You have to have a QB in this league to succeed.

I disagree. I'm assuming of course that you mean a great QB. Look at the last two Superbowl winners. Neither Dilfer or Brady are what most would consider to be a great QB. They are however QB's that fit the system they were playing in. Neither was asked to do anything spectacular. However, both Superbowl teams did have outstanding defenses. That's why I say sign Trotter and draft a DL. Don't mortgage everything on the success of one player.

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Brady and Dilfer (of late) are guys that find a way to win.

that is what we need here winners

Joey harrington is just THAT kind of guy.

Banks, Graham, George etc. were NOT!

so lets go and get us a Winner atr the QB slot and go from there.

lets face it a Gaurd, or center, or anyone else for that matter does not have even a smaLL percentage of the ability to affect a team or a game like a good QB does ( I mean leader here -ahem Jeff george)

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You don't need a superstar at QB, but you do need someone that the team will rally around (a leader) I think Harrington will become more of a leader than Carr or any QB in the draft next year.

Having said that, I'm not ready to sell the farm to get "the Duck". With all of the history surrounding first round can't miss QB busts, trading more than a 1st and 2nd makes me queazy.

Matthews may be a QB that the team will rally around, I think he has some leadership qualities.

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It hasn't been mentioned this way...and I know some of you arent high on him...but..if the Skins are so hard up on a QB then...

What about trading NEXT years #1 for him if the cap #'s can be worked out. Seems like it would be the best of both worlds for the Pats and the Skins.

The supposed knocks on Bledsoe that I hear at this board is that he hasn't done much for the Pats leadership wise and that he is injury prone.

I respectfully disagree. When, and only when, he has had an average to above average running game - Bledsoe has led his team to the playoffs and to the Super Bowl (once). The Skins definitely have an above average running game - so its reasonable to assume that Bledsoe would perform well in DC.

Injury prone? Well, last year was the 1st year in which he did not play AT LEAST 14 of the teams 16 games. In fact, prior to last year, he had played in 109 of the the Pats last 112 regular season games. Sounds like he is a little more durable than you guys would have people to believe.

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The problem with our last two QBs were that they were to forego their strength for a very restrictive offense if we went to a stretch the defense style J George and T Banks may have flourished.

We have a QB who hasnt even had a look yet named Sage a young kid who supposedly had a nice camp.

Wouldnt it make sense to fill the holes on both sides of the ball first?

Now if we waste picks to get Harrington and Sage takes this as a challenge to his livelihood what will we do if he wows us in camp and preseason games that will be televised.

Do we play like we are blind and stick with a QB that was clearly beaten out by Sage or do we admit we wasted picks on a guy who will back up Sage with a huge Salary?

Draft the linemen.

With 6 QBs equal or better than Harrington coming out we should have a chance at one of them if needed and both lines would already be set.

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