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OT: One more reason to hate the French


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Protecting Driving Examiners From Attacks

Tue Apr 16,11:22 AM ET

PARIS (Reuters) - French driving students may soon have to wait 24 hours before finding out test results because too many candidates are attacking examiners who fail them on the spot.

Some learner drivers who fail their driving test are venting their frustration by threatening examiners with death or rape, often at gunpoint, and attacking their cars, a transport ministry official in charge of driving tests said.

Under the new scheme, already in operation in some areas of France, candidates will have to wait until the end of a 24-hour cooling-off period to be told by post if they can remove their learner plates.

"As well as death and rape threats, and trashing of vehicles, there are physical attacks," Jean-Francois Verdier told Reuters, a week before the first round of a presidential election where crime is a crunch issue.

"Threats at gunpoint are not rare," he added.

Verdier said candidates, some of whom had failed their test for the tenth time, often rounded up friends to attack examiners and their cars.

"Some, frustrated by their failure, burst tires or smash car windows," Verdier said.

France fails more than two-thirds of the 3.5 million learners who take their test each year.

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What you mean there is a Compton in France? :rolleyes:

I witnessed the behaviour there and in Germany.

I still remember back in the 80's when I first went to Marseilles France and the drivers were screaming at us when we jaywalked you effing Americans act like you own the street and my reply was "We do, You B@stards still owe us!!"

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Do you have any idea what it costs to get your drivers licenses in some European countrie? In Germany for example it's considered normal to spend upwards of $1500.

The test itself is #300 and if you fail you have to pay it all over again. I'm not saying it's ever justified to threaten somebody, but to put it in Chris Rocks words "I understand".


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