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I watched it, since I can't stand to watch the Feebles.

It was a somewhat confusing episode, especially the scene where Speed gets shot. They never do really resolve how or why the guys in the jewelry store are shooting at him and H.

Moreover, with the premiere of CSI:NY later that week, the Miami show has pretty much fallen to third most watchable, IMO. The NY show has better actors and more atmosphere. Watching CSIM is like watching a music video sometimes...all flash and little substance.

And they really need to get better writers. Horatio's dialogue just makes me wince sometimes. Caruso was a million times better on NYPD Blue.

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What bothered me most about that ep(though I'm not a religious watcher, I will catch them sometimes) is that for Speed's funeral, they play a ripped off version of the Journey to the Line from the movie Thin Red Line(by Hans Zimmer.) They never built up to the crescendo, but they certainly took the beginning part. I wouldn't have minded so much if they had just used the actual track, but instead they just copied it. It's a great piece, I almost wish they had used it and let it go, but oh well.

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