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  1. Morning Wood

    The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)

    You were way too kind with your review. Waaaay too kind. When the wife and I get a weekend night free, we often head to walmart or somethin and go dvd shoppin. I pick one, she picks one. I tend to go after stuff I've been wanting to see, she tends to pick stuff that "looks interesting'. She picked that one. We watched that whole ****ing thing, thinking "Its just GOT to get better, right?!!". Well, it doesn't. About the fourth time the camera followed yet another 5 minute, quiet, no dialogue havin, artsy introspective vehicle ride, with NOTHING happening, I threw my wife out a window.
  2. Morning Wood

    Show Yourselves II

    Ok, I'll play. Here's me tryin to be a rockstar.