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Does anyone else think our team expected......


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I really with all of my heart, believe the Redskins came into today's game thinking they were going to be playing a team that had already given up on the season and quite frankly didn't give a crap anymore(kind of like the Giants from the last half of 2003).

I think the Giants aggressiveness and their ability to keep it for the whole game, really took the Skins out of their game.

Props to the Giants though, and hopefully Gibbs has LOTS of game film sessions and practice in store.

I guess we can say two things. At least it was week 2, and at least the Skins will be PISSED going into Monday Night :cheers:

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I think so to. This was the classic overconfident Norv-skins game. They came in thinking the other team would roll-over and didn't believe that a wounded bear could be dangerous. What Gibbs used to be able to do was rally the team and convince them that they needed to perform their best every week. That first drive probably lulled them even more. Give the Giants credit. They took advantage of our mistakes. They let us beat ourselves.

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Absolutely, and it's the responsibility of the coaching staff to correct that sh*t before the game starts.

ALL WEEK I had a bad feeling about this game because of all the media hype surrounding Coughlin and his "team in turmoil." It's like everyone was just daring the Giants to come together and toughen up, and sure enough, they did.

It'd be nice to see OUR guys come together after a brutally heartbreaking loss like that, but I am skeptical. Parcells has always had Gibbs' number. I'm sure the D will be fired up but our offense has been terrible to this point. I just can't feel confident going into that game.

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