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I have a little issue?


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I am looking into getting a new Jersey for me, my daughter, and my (soon to be born) Twin boys but I am unsure of which one(s) to get.

I have Bruce Smith and Champ Bailey. I wanted Champs but Bruce's was a gift.

I also have a Stephen Davis in infant size and Champs in Infant size.

Now the predictment, Who should I get? With my luck whoever I pick will not be with the team within 2 years. So that's is why I don't want to get a Portis or another Arrington jersey. A better question is who would you all like to see gone within the next 2 years?


edit: Im just an idiot

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Originally posted by Skinsfan1966

Get a Brunell jersey, given your track record with jerseys he will be gone (and not a moment to soon)

And what is that supposed to mean?

'and not a moment too soon' ??? :doh:

He's the Redskins starting QB. Support him.

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