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FFball trade assessment!


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OK... I know it's only been Week 1...

But, I've been offered the following:

Give up: C. Dillon, L. Gordon, and R. Gardner

GET: S. Davis, B. Johnson, J. Jackson (RB Clev)

To give u a better idea of my team:

QB: A. Brooks, V. Testacle

WR: S. Smith, K. Robinson, K. Johnson (DAL), D. Terrell, R. Gardner

RB: S. Alexander, M. Bennett, and the 2 listed above

TE: A. Gates, E. Johnson

K: Elam, Mare

Let me know your thoughts!!

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James Jackson will be a #3 back once Suggs is back in Cle. Also, you have two starting backs that you are giving up for that #3 back and Stephen Davis (who will wear down and be far less productive as the year goes on). And after watching yesterday's game, Johnson may not be an upgrade over Brooks.

If I was trading Dillon, etc. for the main purpose of picking up a QB, I would look for someone better than Brooks and definately better than Johnson. I don't think this trade helps you improve your team. That is the only reason to make a trade in the first place.

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Originally posted by Funkyalligator

Dang.....why you guys tell him not to make the trade...I wanted to get my hands on Corey and Lamar.....oh well....

Sorry, man... HAHAHA I guess I will keep my Rod "the breakout year" Gardner and the 2 #1 RBs... =P

BTW, what a GREAT pick up he will be (I got him before the rumors of the trade were dry)... =)

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