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Originally posted by afparent

Riggo predicts and 11-5 season. Will definitely beat the Bucs this weekend. CZaban has them at 12-4 and Andy Pollin says 13-3. Man, Riggo was very excited about Gibbs return

we need to let them talk with our eagle fan members :laugh:

so they can be set straight, and shown the errors of their way

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Just in case anyone was interested, on The John Riggins Show, Riggins predicted that the Skins would finish 11-5 and win the division with Philly finishing second.

Also, someone called in during the Dear Riggo segment and asked: Who went through more oxygen tanks in their careers? You or Jacque Cousteau? Riggins: The answer is obvious. They brought my tanks to RFK via tractor trailer. :laugh:

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Originally posted by spanishomelette

Wow ...I didn't expect that kind of optimism from any of them even with Gibbs back.

I was surpised to. Czaban and Pollin said they were having a hard time looking at the schedule for any games they would lose! They had to stretch it just for 3 and 4 losses.

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