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What hurts the most is, we seemed to have gotten a clue with the running game tonight. Davis had 99 yards. Granted, it's against Dallas, but it was a glimmer of hope.


Steal your face right off your head

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I think I agree with Pete. The worst fallout from this game will be if that fumble prevents people from seeing that Davis is the only part of this offense that <u>works</u>.

Yeah, fumbles stink. But I think (haven't looked at the stats) that we've still got more INTs than fumbles from Davis this year.

And, at least according to the stats they put on the screen last night, these fumbles this year are not normal for Davis. They said he had 4 in '99, 4 in '00, (and has 4 so far this year).

I know it's "what-if" reasoning, but suppose we'd done the exact same thing in the first half, that we did in the second? In that scenario, we would have gotten TWO touchdowns (and Dallas would have another FG).

Right now, I'll take two TDs (and two fumbles) a game.

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