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Got ESPN mag in the mail... Redskins 2004 rankings inside


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WR L. Coles "Front Man (82 catches in '03) for deep group of wideouts" A-

WR R. Gardner "Find a better No. 2 WR (59 catches in '03). We dare ya" B+

LT C. Samuels "Missed three games last year, and the Pro Bowl" A-

LG D. Dockery "345 pounds, but may not have starter stamina" C

C L. Friedman "Lacks lower-boyd strength; better as a backup" C+

RG R. Thomas "With J. Jansen hurt, has much tougher job" B+

RT K. Jones "Jansen's out, and he's got Brunell's blind side. Mercy" C-

TE W. Rasby "On downside of journeyman career" C

QB M. Brunell "Even GOP fans want left-wing revival" B

FB R. Cartwright "This Rock is versatile (411 yards rushing, 18 catches) B

RB C. Portis "Skins haven't had a back this good since John Riggins" A+

Special Teams "J. Hall has one dangerous leg. C. Morton has two" A

Offensive Grade B-



DE R. Wynn "Not a dominant rusher; just two sacks in '03" B-

DT C. Griffin "Has potential, needs more stamina" B+

DT J. Salave'a "Five NFL seasons; Five career sacks" C

DE P. Daniels " Only 2.5 sacks last year in Chicago. See R. Wynn" B

OLB M. Washington "Ex-Colt will draw some attention away from LaVar" B

MLB M. Barrow "Six-year deal for a 34-year-old LB seems odd" B

OLB L. Arrington "Strong side, weak side. It matters not" A

CB S. Springs "Used to be as good as C. Bailey. Almost" B+

CB F. Smoot "INTs should drop; QBs might actually throw to other side" B+

SS M. Bowen "Weak safety would be more accurate" B-

FS S. Taylor "Closest thing to R. Williams. Close enough, actually." B+

Special Teams "Tom Tupa; just two punts returned for TDs in 15 years" A

Defensive Grade B

Outlook - The hubbub surrounding Joe Gibbs' return promised a big turnaround. Then OT Jon Jansen tore his Achilles, making Gibbs' mission-not to mention Brunell's and Portis' - a lot less possible.

Salisbury, Schlereth, and Theismann all picked the Redskins to get a wildcard spot.

Whew, that took a while to type!

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In each team's section in the magazine, they only have a picture of one player. Rock Cartwright.

"The 5'7", 223-pound Cartwright's very low center of gravity makes him a devastating lead blocker, and it's also why he'll get snaps at RB, subbing for th lighter Clinton Portis in some short-yardage situations. Cartwright had at least 10 carries in five of his last seven games in 2003, but he's no mere bulldozer; he caught 18 passes for 176 yards, 104 of which came after the catch."

Awesome props for The Rock.

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Originally posted by Chachie

The "C" was for Hall. Silly. They gave too much credit to some of our guys and not enough to others, but I think the overall grades were ..... kind. We have alot to prove as a team. To get a B for offense and a B for defense is not bad at all.

No, I'm fairly certain the C was for Morton. Hall and Morton were grouped together for special teams. Morton+Hall are a combined A.

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Originally posted by Drakkhim

Special Teams "J. Hall has one dangerous leg. C. Morton has two" A

I'm pretty sure they were talking about Chad Morton. The overall grade was A.

I think the ratings were good overall. I think they may have given C. Samuels (The "C" stand for Chris, btw, that's not his grade) a little too much credit especially on the down year he had.

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