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Where the hell is pre-game?


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Originally posted by afparent

Fox won't do a pregame for preseason and local fox dropped the ball!!!

I just went a little haywire there foor a minute because on the guide (DISH subscribers) it says REDSKNS SPECIAL but again nothing but retarded seinfeld. Luckily DISH also transmits comcast sportsnet

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Originally posted by TLusby

Get DirectTV and on channel 629 is the DC area sports channel which has Doc's show, pre-games, news every night, etc. You guys like myself (Atlanta) that do not have DirectTV are crazy or cheap.

Actually, not cheap. My DirecTV with the NFL Sunday Ticket included is still $40 less than what I paid for cable in a year. Just crazy if you don't have DirecTV and don't live in or around DC...

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