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PICTURE NEEDED~~~((FOUND)) giants game

Coach Williams

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Originally posted by KINGBRICE_28

When I crashed my computer I forgot to save that picture !:doh:

Someone here knows what I'm talking about....


was it posted on this board? if so you could try using search to find the thread.

Maybe google or alta vista image search

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Originally posted by KINGBRICE_28

I BELIEVE I've posted it but thats

1 of 2300...search won't do so hot

Tom it's true though....

In fact I have a feeling I posted it on a thread "you" replied in as well.....

:doh: Narrows it down to 2000.....

what was the thread topic, and how long ago. That will narrow it down some.

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I searched every post & thread from 9-21-03 to 9-28=03 and I didn't find it.....

Strangely I only saw 1 picture the entire time.....why?

I'm upset now.......I can't believe I lost that picture.....

google here I come


EDIT: the giants held on the kickoff....

If I type in giants 24 redskins 21 shockey hold or holding....

I get 1 million+ sites....

SIGH* I searched the first 20.....

No pictures.....

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