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TSN: Redskins camp battles


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Redskins camp battles

By Paul Woody


Breaking down the hottest competitions at Redskins camp:

Mark Brunell and Patrick Ramsey continue to compete for the starting quarterback job. Neither has done anything to separate from the other in practice.

Brunell's experience allows him to experience less frustration when a play or practice doesn't go well. Ramsey makes gains one day, and then plays inconsistently the next. Brunell still stands as the odd-on favorite to win the job, but needs to assert himself soon. A few standout exhibition games would help. . . .

The H-back position is filled with players who are making a push for playing time. Brian Kozlowski has shown consistency, intelligence and flexibility. He is the one player at the position who can receive and block equally well. He has excellent hands and gets just about everything he can out of each play and himself.

Rookie Chris Cooley was drafted to be the H-back, and could be an impact player before the season ends. He is still feeling his way through things now, which slows him down at times.

Mike Sellers has a good combination of speed and power. He has decent hands and runs good routes, but is more of a role player than a full-time starter.

Kozlowski stands the best chance of being the Week 1 starter, with Sellers specializing as a blocker in short-yardage situations.


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Originally posted by cphil006

Sean Taylor-Andre Lott?

Lott has been playing very agressive, but just isn't hte playmaker that Sean Taylor is. Watch close as this battle unfolds, which will cause both players to raise their playing level.

I would say Lott has NO chance of beating out Sean Taylor. I dig where you're coming from but Sean's just too good too soon. :)

The one that is baffling me is Iffy Ohalete. This guy has fallen off the map!

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Anyone think McCants will become the #2 WR over Gardener? he is playing more than Gardener this pre season thus far but I can't comment on what they are like in practice. I love D-Mac's big play ability though.

Who is leading the way for the nickel corners spot I wonder? Harris is on PUP, Jim-oh-no is getting torched but is still here, which leaves Ralph Brown or Bauman.

Seeing as Gregg Williams uses various nickel formations it'll be interesting to see who gains the playing time, or even if Lott comes in for Taylor and he (Taylor) lines up against slot guys sometimes.

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i remember Rod dropping a lot of passes on saturday. However, he wasnt in nearly as much as McCants was. Hopefully Taylor will start the season. Ramsey and Brunell, I just hope we win games. I think Chris Cooley should start though, he made some great catches on saturday.

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