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So what did we learn from Falcons game?


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While it was another dismal performance by Husak and Rosenfels I do not blame those two for the way these Redskins are under performing as a team.

Husak should have never plyed last night but I have to give the kid some credit. He knew he played poorly in KC and there's precious few opportunities in the pre-season to showcase your talent. Husak sucked it up and straped on his helmet. Unfortunately he's a second year QB and it shows. Husak doesn't look off receivers, he stares them straight down. Same with Rosenfels.

The interior offensive line is in serious trouble. The guards cannot effectively pass protect for any QB to set up throws. Instead Husak and Rosenfels were forced to back peddle and throw balls without setting their feet. This caused two of the three INTs. That's unacceptable for the line.

One rare instance of good pass blocking by the line and a tremendous throw by Rosenfels slipped through the hands of Rod Gardner for what should have been a TD. Westbrook, after what is it 6 years in the league, still needs to learn that when you're down 21 points you don't need to jesture a first down when you make a catch over the middle. Just go back to the huddle. The Derrius Thompson experiment is over. He can't catch a cold at this point.

While the Redskins QB were being chased all over the field by the Falcons defense the Falcons QBs were free to set up all night long. For the second straight week the Redskins defense did not put any pressure on the opposing QB. This is intolerable.

I thought the linebackers played exceptionally well. Shaun Barber continues to cover well and make big hits. Robert Smith could very well start over Kevin Mitchell when we get to San Diego. We saw LaVar line up at DE a couple of times but he didn't mount much of a pass ruch unfortunately. LaVar was lined up too close to the tackle to out run him to the QB.

Barring the Tony Martin catch setting up the Jamaal Anderson TD (Champ was draped on Martin, he just made a great catch) I thought the secondary played exceptionally well. Smoot is everything we had hoped he'd be to remind us we never needed Pinetime this season.

My disgust for the Redskins special teams is tremendous. A blocked field goal AND a PAT?! WTF? We seem to be stuck in The LeCharls Zone.

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"Westbrook, after what is it 6 years in the league, still needs to learn that when you're down 21 points you don't need to jesture a first down when you make a catch over the middle." - KMP

Good point, KMP. This drives me nuts! I know he's not the only player to use such antics, but this is not the type of display you'd expect from one who has supposedly matured and become a team player.

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If you were on the opposing team knowing you were going against an injured QB and project QB, wouldn't you stack 7 to 8 in the box and dare them to throw?

No starting DEs equals no pass rush from the outside. What we should have looked for was DT penetration I didn't see that much of it.

The Linebackers performed well.

Terrell needs a lil more seasoning and we will have a very good Free safety.


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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Surely, you mean Robert Jones, not Robert Smith... Or did Robert Smith come out of retirement, and change positions, without my knowledge ? smile.gif

And as I mentioned earlier, Gardner would NOT have scored, had he caught the ball.

But of course these are all moot points in the big picture that you raised.

[edited.gif by Mick on August 18, 2001.]

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Actually re: that Westbrook "catch": I was wondering why Marty didn't challenge that ruling, since the half was near over, and it's preseason. (And simply challenging the catch, even if you lose, might inspire your young QB who's already been intercepted).

But then I thought "If that was a catch, then that was a fumble", (Westbrook wasn't tackled, he fell down diving for the ball), and the ball was picked up by the Falcons in the end zone.

I think, if we'd challenged and won, it would have been first-and-ten Falcons on the 20.

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