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K17's support a Liberal weekend (pt 1)


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I went to see F9/11 yesterday.

And there will be plenty here who get mad at me for this.

But it was great................as art.

I'll get to the affects of it momentarily. But the movie itself was excellent. Moore, like him or not, is an accomplished movie maker and this style (I'll stop short of calling it a documentary) has no other filmamker close to his abilities.

I completely disagreed with the majority of his claims, and certainly dont think he did anything close to proving his assertions. It was simply his opinions cut in with snippets of interviews that seemed to support his theory, but it was too obvious (to me at least) that they werent totally in context. Call it the Charleton Heston approach.

The one thing that I did find credible was his links between Saud and the Bush family. But it seemed more of an indictment of Bush Sr than of W. Further, it wasnt something I wasnt already aware of.

The scene with the mom was heart wrenching and will certainly become the memorable moment of the film. But again, it wasnt something new to anyone. What it did do was what Moore does best, put an everyman face on an issue and pull the strings of emotion. And he did it brilliantly.

NOW, for the implications of the film. I live in Manatee County. PArt of the I4 corridor that will absolutely decide FLA in the next election. Population of about 400k. We have 5 movie theatres. And this movie was not showing at ANY OF THEM. I had to drive 45 minutes to an art house theatre in Sarasota to see it. Out of 7 movie theatres in Sarsota, this was the only one showing it. The theatre was about 2/3s full, and there were a couple of aholes from both sides inside. 1 lady kept screaming "We should behead Bush" which got her a quick exit courtesy of the theatre usher. ANother group of obvious Young Republicans kept screaming "Shame on you Michael Moore". I heard a couple of women talking after the show and one said EXACTLY what I have been saying.

"This movie made my blood boil!!" To which her friend responded "Your blood was already boiling, this movie didnt change anyones mind"


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Originally posted by Kilmer17

It gave me more insight to why we didnt finish the job in 91 than it did regarding the link to W.

Right. One thing for sure, It made me much more interested in "who" our leaders and their associates are.

Moore set himself up for the criticism he gets because of the cheap shots and the "mother crying". Those were not needed to bring forth valid questions. The jabs were funny though.

The funniest part of the whole movie IMO was the end, when Bush didn't know the "fool me once" saying... that was classic.

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