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Nothing =( Neo-money-nazi Snyder won't let nfl.com broadcast the Redskins games, at least as of last season. I wasn't able to radio listen to any of the Redskins games, and broadcast.com (aka yahoo) carried only the same games as NFL.com. But if you have a good friend, they can stream the broadcast using shoutcast and winamp, or if they're like my friend with a tv tuner, broadcast the actual game =).

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If you are actualy in Dallas go here:

Austin Avenue Sports Grill

Plano, TX-

Get on Parker Road heading east. Look for Austin Ave. on your right-hand side just past Custer.

Its on the fanmap on the main page here. Check for other Redskins bars here:


Or just a find a sports bar that has more tv's than fanatics, make nice with the bartender or waitress and get them to turn on the sound for you.

If you insist on staying home (lazy ass), try NFL.com you should be able to get the Redskins' games on there. I know someone posted that Snyder doesn't allow it, but I have to figure that the team they are playing each week wants the coverage. If NFL.com doesn;t work, go to the website of the team they are playing that week. We could get their local broadcasters doing it. Better than nothing.

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