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Computer geeks: Question about bad hard drives

Coach Williams

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First, make sure that there isn't a floppy disk in your floppy drive.

Second, make sure that the drives are being recognized by the system. Go into the system's BIOS and see if they are listed. To get to the BIOS you can usually hit the delete, f10, f12 or f2 as the system is booting up.

If the drives are showing up in the BIOS, that means they are OK. If not, you need to check the jumper settings on the drives. If they are the only drive attached to the cable you need to jumper them as a master or single drive. The jumper settings should be listed somewhere on the hard drive itself. The jumper block is usually between where the ribbon cable and power cables plug in.

Let me know if you need any more questions answered. I'll see what I can do.

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Originally posted by Johnny 'Luscious' Punani

and here come the Apple geeks... :lol:

There is no operating system on the drives.

do what redskns56 said (check the floppy drive and really any other drive for a disk, since the bios could have the boot order set to check other drives first-- make sure the drives are empty)... then check the bios itself to see if the hard drives are recognized/listed... and then if nothing shows up, the guess with that much info is punani's - no OS on the drives, you need to install one.

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