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win-win situation right?


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considering we had kept champ, and he had beeb more than happy to sign with us over the next,s ay, 7 years, do you think he would be to us now, what darrel green was in gibbs era? even so, when we traded him, and we got portis. do you think he will be like byner (i was thinkin riggins, but wasn't he more of a downhill runner?) what do you all think?

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Okay. so. :rubeyes: we have 2 options here. If the Redskins had kept Champ, ( either the Redskins took the cap hit or he extended and reworked his contract), and he stayed for 7 years, would he be as important to the Redskins' Defense during that time as Darrell was in the 80's ? Answer. No. But close. Only one DG.

Will Portis be more like Byner from the 80's/early 90's? I think he's more of a mix beteween Byner and Washington. IMO. :)

In other words,would it would work either way? Would the team be as successful with Champ as the might be with Portis? A win win. We'll see. ;)

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