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I can't wait 4 this..............


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Originally posted by FIGHT FOR D.C.

Agree it will be interesting to watch Gibbs adjust to Bilechecks defense and blitzing schemes. You never what kind of defence Bilecheck is going to show on the field and Gibbs is a big film guy so it will be very interesting, Possible SUPERBOWL MATCHUP

Its not like Gibbs hasnt faced Bilecheck's schemes before...he was the Giants D-Coordinator when Parcells was there

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My fantasy for this years Super Bowl vs. the Patriots. Enjoy!

1st QTR:

Slow start for both teams as they "test the waters" with one another. Lots of smash-mouth football in the trenches as both teams jockey to establish their running game, bracketed with some short yardage passes to the outside. Corey Dillon wins the 1st qtr matchup with his counterpart, Clinton Portis.


New England 7

Washington 3

2nd QTR:

New Englands offense takes control with a balanced running and passing attack, keeping the Redskins on their heels. However, this does not translate to points as the 'Skins defense knuckles down where it counts in the red zone. Vinateri punches two through. The 'Skins offense, however, is stymied time and again by Bilecheks defensive schemes. The Redskins suffer some 3 and outs as Portis is stuffed at the line of scrimmage. The passing game fares little better. Laverneaus Coles does make a grab for a long gain from a Brunell pass that sets up their 2nd field goal.

Score at the half:

New England: 13

Washington: 6


Does Joe Gibbs still have his magic? John Madden reminesces Super Bowl XVII where Joe Gibbs 3rd qtr adjustments all but shut out the Miami Dolphins for the 2nd half of the game.

3rd QTR:

Truth or Consequences. The Patriots appear to set the tone early with a quick, yet methodical drive culminating in a quick 15-yard touchdown strike by Tom Brady. Washington responds immediately as Chad Morton rips off a long kickoff return to the Patriots 35, followed by Clinton Portis ripping off a pair of runs that take the Redskins to the 5 yard line. Brunell strikes touchdown gold with a play-action strike to D-MAC in the back of the end zone for the score. Smoot then sets the tone on defense by picking off one of Brady's passes as the Patriots are driving into Redskins territory on the ensuing possession. The qtr ends as the Redskins get into field goal range.


New England: 20

Washington: 13

4th QTR:

The final qtr begins with the Patriots stuffing Portis from getting a crucial 3rd down conversion, and the 'Skins settling for another Hall field goal. The battle in the trenches throughout the 4th quarter is the intense, slobber-knockering football that made the Hogs famous. Though the new OLine is not referred to as the "Hogs" or even the "New Hogs", their performance harkens back to the Skins OLine of the 80's, opening holes for Portis time and time again.

Bilecheks defense is quick to adjust however, preventing the running or passing yardage to convert into points on the board. Likewise, the Redskins defense outperforms all expectations. All year the Redskins DLine has been considered the teams weak link, but today is their day in the sun! Corey Dillon, approaching another 100-yard performance, finds himself stuffed time and time again on the crucial downs when it really counts.

The New England passing game continues to chip away at the Redskins armor, but they are unable to break through. Late in the quarter, with the score still NE 20, Wash 13 and the Patriots threatening to score (putting the nail in the coffin), a safety blitz by one Sean Taylor causes a Tom Brady pass to fly erratically (highlight reel hit if you ever saw one!) only to be picked off by LaVar Arrington and returned for a short gain.

The Redskins suddenly ignite and begin a methodical drive to the endzone to tie the game. Just before the 2 minute warning, Clinton Portis breaks out and scores with an 8 yard scamper bringing the Redskins within Point After Attempt of tying the game. Much to the amazement of all, Gibbs breaks from his mold and goes for the 2-point conversion, something he has never done all year, even in some situations where the football "experts" thought he should have gone for it. The NE defense, already having been burned once by Brunell, blanket D-MAC as he is the biggest endzone threat the 'Skins possess. In the process, someone forgets to watch Taylor Jacobs as he streaks into the corner of the endzone for the quick-out and the 2 points! The Redskins kick off and the Special Teams stuff the return.

New England, now fired up, begins another methodical march into Redskin territory. The cameras constantly pan to Vinetari warming up his leg on the sidelines. The Patriots drive to the Washington 33 yard line, but a 3rd down conversion pass from Brady is batted down by Shawn Springs, bringing Vinetari onto the field.

The snap is good.....

the kick is up.........



The kicks sails just outside the post and the Redskins take over on downs. Gibbs sends in Patrick Ramsey to run out the clock and Joe Gibbs and the Washington Redskins cement their place in NFL History!


New England 20

Washington 21

MVP: Mark Brunell or Clinton Portis?

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I just realized that I miscalculated the score. In my mind, I had meant to note that early in the 4th qtr, the Patriots scored a field goal of their own, and that the final score was 24-23 Redskins!

Mark another one in the botch book.....

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khun Kao , you not a sportswriter are you ? :cool:

reading that i could see it all as if it really was happening , how great that would be !!!! made my day to , thanks , i think i'll print it and post it in the office for the crow fans here to nible on . always like to hear them run their traps :point2sky

:ravensuck :dallasuck :gaintsuck :eaglesuck

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Not to stop the party, but I like our chances for making improvements this year, not making it to the superbowl. Our team needs more cohesion and solidarity, more singular leadership from someone like LC or Lavar and I think that with this regime, it will take 2-3 years to develop. I'm sticking to the 3 year plan and saying the super bowl will be with the Chiefs and a variety of NFC teams...

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Let me chime in......

Though I like Coach Gibbs, I think that HOMERING has clouded your minds. Lets think about it like this. The New England Patriots are the SUPER BOWL CHAMPS. The Redskins weren't even considered to be in the playoffs.

The Patriots have a TWO-TIME in the last 3 years SUPER BOWL MVP. The Redskins have Mark Brunell.

The current Patriots have been under the same system for what 4-5 years? This is Gibbs first year with the new team.

And most importantly.......last year the Pats crushed my Birds 31-10. The Redskins only scored 32 points in two games against the Eagles last year.

I'm sorry (hehehehehe!) to say this but even with Portis in the backfield and all the other changes, NE wins in a rout.....35-14 and just remember, Carolina took NE to the limit last year, and do you guys think you could really hang with the Panthers?

I think not.

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but no, I'm not a sports writer. I am a writing "enthusiast" and would one day like to be a published author (I have assisted in writing two books, and am in the process of writing a third of my own), but that is a long way off yet....

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