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what the hell is this "sims" all about? i keep hearing about it, but still don't know exactly what it is..

if this game came out on PS2, i'd buy it.. but i don't see that happening..

another game i saw for sims was "singles" -- the whole point to the game is to pick up women and bang 'em.. but you have to take 'em to dinner, send 'em flowers, all that crap just like in real life.. i *wish* PS2 had THAT game!

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You know I never was big on The Sims series but I've been reading about the Sims 2 and some of the things they have came up with sound really interesting. They are trying to make it about as realistic as possible.

"Players will guide their Sims' lives as they grow up. You will be able to guide them thru key life phases including baby, toddler, child, teen, adult and seniors. In The Sims 2, actions will have repercussions, and decisions made when your Sim is a toddler, child or teen will affect their life choices and ultimate happiness as an adult. As your Sims age, they will collect a variety of memories over the course of their lives that shape who they are."

Also, I've read your offspring in the game will have your traits as well.


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I will say this, the original Sims was strangely addicting....it was wierd, it didn't seem like a 'great' game, yet you kept doing things just to see how your 'sim' handled them. I can see how people could get all wrapped up in the game, especially online where you are interacting with other 'real' people. It's sort of like a 'virtual single club' (or something). Is it sad that some people may be living thier lives this way? Yeah...but... The whole 'singles' thing seems a touch much, though..

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