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Ran Into Stackhouse & Hughes this weekend.


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I was downtown on Friday night at a bar/club (Vida) and I bumped into Hughes and Stack. As much as people knock Stack for his play/nonplay the guy is an absolute Class Act. I asked him how is knee was and who he thought would win the NBA crown (Lakers). I told him that the Wizards should be a canidate for the division next year (Southeast division w/ the new expansion team and he said we'll see.). Overall the guy was a class act. Meanwhile Larry Hughes was drinking his weight and was on his cellphone for about 3 solid hours... Just another night out in DC.

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Originally posted by Bufford 3.3

hope the Bullets let Stack go in the expansion draft and we can use that money on a guy who's healthy and we really need.

Hayes can start in his place.

Im praying that he gets picked up in the expansion draft or traded for a 2nd round draft pick next month.

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Class act that should lobby to join the Carolina BobCats.

I still hope we draft one of 7' 5 European or korean Centers.

We have plenty of jump shooters no shotblockers outside of Etan thomas and Brenda Haywood needs more time on the pine

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