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Mother's day


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Just wanted to know what you guys do for your mothers, wives (mothers of your children) for Mother's day.

I personally did the Vermont bear thing for my wife, among other things. . She's is the mother of our three kids and does an amazing job keeping the family world in order. :respect: She especially deserves credit this time of year being that she's a "Lacrosse widow" during the season, while her husband and son are gone just about every evening.:kiss:

Here's to all of the moms out there, be it your Mom or the mother of your kids!:notworthy :notworthy


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rdsknbill, don't be sorry for bringing it up - it serves as a reminder that I need to get off my duff and do something for my mother (and remind the husband unit that he needs to do something for *his* mother). :)

Chrisbob74, in the U.S., Father's Day is usually celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June - this year, it's on June 20th.

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Mom lives in Vegas. Already have the card in the mail. A nice bouquet of flowers will be delivered and of course a phone call from me. " Oldest son? Why yes. I do seem to remember having an oldest son...let's see...his name....hmmmmmm. I mean, it's been so long since he's called...." sigh. :rolleyes:


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Originally posted by Lowghost

I am flying to Vegas on Sunday:cheers:

Not taking my wife, not taking my Mom.:D

Its really for the AMA Hardware show so its not a get away. It will be all work.;)

OK Low. Gotcha :rolleyes: :laugh:

I do a trade show in Chicago in June and in the last five years it has fallen on Father's day twice. Last year there was a petition handed around. 22000 signatures later we were promised that we would never spend another Father's day away from our families.

Prettyl cool on the trade show people's part. ;)

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way ahead of everybody here , got the wife from the kids a redskins helmet umbrella to use at the games . she loves the redskins stuff easy to shop for. from me she'll recieved her usual flowers and new skins sweatshirts , for the games of course :cheers:

happy mothers day to all those who deserve

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