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Fleece & Cap Orders: USE THIS FORM


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For everyone who has made a pledge for the Embroidered Extremeskins Fleece Jackets and Hats, its now time to officially start getting those donations in.

Please use the following form:

Click HERE

Thanks again to everyone for being a part of the biggest and best damn online community of Skins fans in the world!

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Originally posted by Blade

Congrats Bufford! You are the first to get your order in.

Thanks to everyone else who is stepping up!

thanks. You got me twice in 2 days. Well done.

Note to everybody: Get your orders in.....help Eric and the rest keep this site as $$$ as possible. I know this is the 1st place a lot of people check every day....multiple times a day. Lets keep it nice.

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Ok guys... use the link within this thread, or the link under your avatar that says "Fleece/Caps Form!" to get your order information in.

Also, it would really help if you could bump this thread after you place your order.

Thanks again for all the support!

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Originally posted by sjinhan

lol nice model for your product...

Hey man, I can only use the pics of the gear supplied by the company...Those Zoolanders are not my pals sporting our gear as a favor.

BTW, this is bump for this thread so you guys can be reminded to get your orders in!

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