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How much is #26 Worth?


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I am talking about MARKETING - MONEY!!!! PAYOLA my friend, not trades (I am not out of mind here :laugh: )

The value of the jersey number increases with each player that wants it and his own marketability. That would be three good players for one jersey, thus the value increases if we take Taylor also.

Or were addressing another reply???


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Originally posted by NavyDave

I'm getting this bad feeling that the Cardinals are going to snag S Taylor now instead of going offense.

I know Dennis Green loves Taylor's talent, but they already have Dexter Jackson and Adrian Wilson as their safeties, both of whom are good players(both far superior to our safeties). I doubt they'll take Taylor.

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Originally posted by Long n Left

I say a "Battle Royal" for #26 if the Skins get Taylor.

Put all three in a ring. The last man standing gets it.

We'd find out who the tough guy is anyway.

Though, if the Skins take Taylor, I think Iffy's days are numbered in D.C.

Thats the spirit, although CP would get ****ed up in a ring with Iffy and Taylor. Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all :P.

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