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Because the true americans in the heartland are smarter than the media gives them credit for.

I would just like to see the same critical eye aimed at Kerry on regular TV instead of showing my mom how the channels are the same to the point that I had her guess which channel the bash bush stuff was coming from and she failed.

And the undisputable fact is that Democrats are soft on crime, will put us in positions to have to defend ourselves but the work has to be finished by the GOP.

Plus every controversial group is aligned with the Democratic party.

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Navy... I know I am more liberal that you, but I don't consider myself liberal and I don't allow the media to influence me. I think for myself and I believe that MOST people, not all, but most people do the same. Common sense rules.

You have 30 percent of the people that vote GOP no matter what anyone says, you have 30 percent that vote DEM no matter what anyone says and you have the remaining 40 percent that will make an intelligent decision based on what makes sense to them.

That's why things are not one sided as you proclaim. If the media was liberally brainwashing everyone, then all the freakin politicians in office would be liberals. And they are not.

Give people credit for thinking for them selves.

Maybe, just maybe everyone doesn't interpret the liberal spin the same way you do, maybe it doesn't make others go out and want to vote dem.

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Every controversial group is aligned with the Democratic Party?! Ever hear of the NRA? They're pretty controversial. How about Operation Rescue?

Certainly there are fringe groups alligned with the Dems, but the Republican's have their own crazies as well.

As for the "liberal media" if you want to qualify that as the liberal "television" media, maybe you can make your point. But I don't think that talk radio can be classified as liberal. And you probably can't make a case for the internet either (see, www.drudereport.com as Exhbit A).

For every New York Times there is a Wall Street Journal, and for every Washington Post there is a Washington Times, so even the print media is pretty split.

And don't forget that Rupert Murdoch is no friend of the democrats.

The point is, there is lots of "media." I'll entertain an argument that NBC, ABC, and CBS lean to the left, but outside of the three networks the media is pretty evenly divided.

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Earlier in the day, Tom Mauser, whose son, Daniel, was killed with an assault weapon in the Columbine High School killings five years ago, tried to enter the convention hall where the NRA was meeting, seeking to urge Cheney to support extending the assault weapons ban.

Mauser was turned away by a security guard as several conventioneers applauded. A couple of conventioneers yelled “Get a life” and “Vote for Bush.”

Mauser, who marched three blocks to the convention hall literally in his son’s shoes, said before the march that continuing the ban would be common sense.

“What is the useful purpose to these weapons? ... They are the weapons of gangs, drug lords and sick people.” Mauser said. “It is a weapon of war and we don’t want this war on our streets.”


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Originally posted by GrossmansGators


Please dont tell me ur defending the media

'the media'

You got to love how effective the right wing spin machine is. They can take any word or term and brain wash their followers into using it as a dirty word.

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