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Federal Gov't Closing 3 Hours early


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First of all, can someone please explain to me why it was open yesterday!!!??? Did they really expect us to go out there in that crap!!!????

Made me use leave for nothing!!!!!

Now, today they open and then close!!!!!!!???????


Made me go out there and endanger my life for nothing!!!!!!!

The streets are (mess)ed up! The trains are (mess)ed up! COMMON SENSE would tell you to just not open!!!!! It wasn't like this wasn't forcasted!


I see it's snowing again now. I can't wait for tomorrow. Snow on top of ice on top of snow. Let's see what fun OPM has in store for us tomorrow!


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My personal favorite was that the government made everybody come in to work then canceled the shuttel from the metro to the building.

Their reasons....it was too dangerous to drive and they might wreck the vans.

It's different when they ask us to risk our cars.

That's my rant.

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Excluding the Men and Women who so wonderfully support our military and security agencies.

I can’t really feel sorry for the Government workers "having to go into work".

With apologies to the 20 percent doing the work for the 80 percent, asking the people employed in the private sectors to feel your pain might be a bit much. Most of us in the private sector get few of the considerations afforded to the average federal employee. However if you have to rough feel free to join us in living the wonderful world of private employment.

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