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How Do You Say "Streisand Effect" in Chinese -- YouTube Video of CCP Members in England


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Brendan Kavanaugh: Police Called To Stop Filming During Piano Livestream


I think I heard about this video yesterday, but didn't watch it.  It shows either dual-citizen Chinese people, or CCP visitors in England demanding a man stop recording in public.  That argument is what starts it (even though they ostensibly get into his camera).  Then he touches the flag of one of a females and one of the gentlement starts aggressively yells at the pianoman.  Finally, the police get involved (and this female one is no better than an American cop).


Something like this fascinates me because we never see interactions like this from Chinese people and they clearly have a different take on public space and rights.  


The action starts around the 8 minute 45 second mark.  I am gonna go watch it again...

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It was impossible to tell what their exact issue was since they didn't have an actual conversation preferring instead to make non-sequitur comments, but I think the Chinese may have sold the rights to their likeness and their issue is their owner would be upset to have someone else transmitting their likeness.  But instead of extricating themselves from the situation, they tried to impose their demands on others with feigned politeness until switching it up to other tactics from the manipulator playbook with the threats, the yelling of accusations, and crocodile tear claims of racism for making factual statements.

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