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Reminder to fans: Watch out for deceptive headlines


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Man, it must be that time of year.  I don't always open spots articles that MSN feeds into windows, but when i saw this headline: "DId Panther's conduct sham interview with Raheem Morris?" I'll admit my ears perked up.  What did SB Nation know?

Did Panthers conduct sham interview with Raheem Morris? (msn.com)

I've read the article five times, and I didn't find one phrase, one sentence that actually included anything that would seem to be evidence of the accusation, and I know, other interviews of certain candidates in the past have been called Shams too, but this is the first time I recall reading an article and being like, what? Was this just click bait?

The second paragraph is one question


So do the Panthers have real interest in Morris or are they potentially wasting his time and conducting a sham interview with the Rams defensive coordinator?

Oh they give evidence that Bellichick is a hot commoddity for Atlanta and Chargers for Harbaugh?  Oh really? Says who? Who's the source?  I don't think they have actual sources, and if they do, they dare not say who tells them this stuff, because of the Rooney rules.   But it also amazes me, that articles like this get written, and its like people have no idea how a job search goes when you are the one hiring.  

I didn't see anything in the article to actually implicate the Panthers in bad stuff, nevermind that we all may think their owner is suspect, but there is nothing but innuenda and meta with not one concrete fact, quote, or citable evidence.

I feel like I just wasted 15 minutes reading this article, and then i realized, its that time of year. With fewer games some of these people have less to write about, but they will make stuff up.  I've seen similar stuff in college level from what I'd classify as 'blogosphere' writers too, so friends, if you see an article like this, or you hear your friends talk about a topic like this and you google, and don't see one article this year with evidence? C'mon.

I think I just added SB Nation to my don't read ever again pile alongside SI.com

For a brief window we will see other headlines and articles like this about coaches, then it will be free agency and the draft.  The media seems willing to plant stories if it lets them get the jump on a competitor later.   

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