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Just heard them on ESPN radio rating the coaching vacancies, from most desireable to least desireable. This was their consensus:

1) Atlanta

2) NY Giants

3) Chicago

4) Buffalo

5) Washington

6) Oakland

7) Arizona

Said we had a lot of talent, but Snyder and his control-freakishness were the reason we were so low.

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that's funny. I heard the complete opposite on ESPN from Mort.

Basically we're the team without a coach who has.

#1. The Best Talent

#2. The stronger fanbase

#3. The Owner who's willing to get the coach whatever he wants

basically there are 32 HC jobs in the NFL. Only a few are open. Marv Lewis took the Cincy job last year.....the Skins are #1. Atl #2 with Vick....but their fans are the ulitmate fairweather ones.

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If Danny boy cares about winning, then the best choice is Dennis Green. But Danny would rather keep playing GM and hire Ray Rhodes than to bring in the best coach.

BTW, not that I am biased or anything, but Kirk Ferentz is looking better and better all the time. The Hawkeyes totally outclassed the Gator's yesterday.

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Vick has coach-killer written all over him. With all his talent, people just presume that all he needs is someone to draw it out of him. All the hopes of the franchise are tied up in this guy. It is believed (rightly or not) that he is the difference between them being a playoff team and the dregs of the NFL.

If you're not the guy who can reach Vick (and I don't think it will be easy), then you will fail, possibly ruining your career in the process.

I have little respect for the analytical skills of Golic, and absolutely none for Greenberg. What they say just doesn't have much in the way of credibility.

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Originally posted by laurent

I'd rank Atlanta no. 1 just because of the Vick factor, other than that I don't see how there's a more attractive team than Washington, regardless of the FO situation.

That's funny, I'd rate Atlanta last for the same reason. I wouldn't want to come into a situation as a coach where a single player has so much clout and franchise importance. Lose that player to injury, lose your job. Don't make that player happy, lose your job. No thanks.

I rate Chicago, NY and Washington all together. Each place as a lot to offer.

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The day Spurrier quit, they had a poll on ESPN.com asking who had the best coaching vacancy

The teams in the poll were, the Falcons, Cardinals, Giants, and the Redskins

The Redskins won with 40%, the Falcons were 2nd with 35%, even with Mike Vick. I don't remember what % the other two had

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Vick is a nightmare player to coach. He brings such a talent to the QB position that if and when he goes down, the team just changes.

If he would be alot more consistent in running the offense called, it would be best for the rest of the team because then they get experience in game situations to handle the offense being called.

Now mind you, under no circumstance would I get rid of Vick or tell him not to be the athlete that he is. He can keep doing whatever he does because it works. Its just that, like this year, if he goes down.............nightmare.

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Whatever you think about Snyder (gives the coach whatever he wants/interferes too much), this has always been an attractive place to work. Now you have a team that, but for coaching, may well have challenged for a playoff spot and many coaches are probably saying (true or not): "Shoot, I were there, Washington would have a winner by now."

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