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What would make sense next

Coach Williams

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i'd say we should

hire green,

cut bailey...sign vincent or taylor

resign our FA backups

trade or sign 1 of the following:

Sammy Morris - Buffalo

Rudi Johnson - Cincinnati (RFA)*

Troy Hambrick - Dallas (RFA)

Shawn Bryson - Detroit

Stacey Mack - Houston

Dominic Rhodes - Indianapolis (RFA)*

Kevin Faulk - New England

Ki-Jana Carter - New Orleans

Duce Staley - Philadelphia*

Correll Buckhalter - Philadelphia (RFA)*

Thomas Jones - Tampa Bay

and pick up 2 of the following:

Ebenezer Ekuban - Dallas

James Hall - Detroit

Eric Hicks - Kansas City

Adewale Ogunleye - Miami (RFA)*

Anthony Pleasant - New England

Bobby Hamilton - New England

Rodney Bailey - Pittsburgh (RFA)

Chidi Ahanotu - San Francisco

Grant Wistrom - St. Louis*

Jevon Kearse - Tennessee*

then draft the safety from miami....


lets hope cerrato reads this....

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We have to try to keep Bailey. We ahould take a hit this next year for him. Let's frontload his contract like the Eagles do in order to prove to him, "Hey you are worth it, we'll give you the bulk of your money right now." Frontload it with a large signing bonus adn pay him next season close to $7 mil. THen trickle down from there.

We don't need to go crazy FA this offseason. I would rather not see us sign a back but draft one. Trung or Ladell can do OK if given the carries in trap oriented offense.

Ideally, I'd like to see us get Kevin Jones in here as our back. I don't think he'll drop down in Stock though. We'll have to trade down in order to get more draft picks and fill our holes that way. Doing so we may miss the boat on Jones, Perry, Williams and the likes. However, with a first round draft pick comes the potential holdout, first round $ and first round ego.

We won't solve our defensive woes in one offseason. Provided a better defensive system and some blue collar talent that wasn't avialable at the start of the season, this defense can be much better, but not enormously better.

With a decent back, this offense can become enormously better.

We still have some trade bait in Gardner, Trotter adn Bowen. Those guys can get us a few extra draft picks. It's atoss up between Gardner and Trotter because both are young and super talented.

Bowen just flat out sucks.

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Originally posted by Oldskool

Brice, i was wondering if you were hitting the new years sauce early tonight, until I saw your last post.

No way we cut bailey. I wouldnt mind getting a 1st and another pick for him this year.

:laugh: did i say cut ...well do the whole franchise thing and see what we get out of it....

of course we WANT him to stay ,I'm thinking of scenarios if he does move on...


maybe your right about the sauce....:40oz:

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Lock Danny in a cell with a mean lifer. After he has his butt stretched and his named changed to something like Gloria. He can HIRE A GM and go on a long vacation.

then we can all start talking football again. until then its really all a waste of time.

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if you trade Bailey you pick up the extra picks that allow the Skins to be able to address the needs on the DL and at RB in the same draft :)

I don't think Bailey is going to be reasonable in his contract demands and I think that is his one way of forcing the Skins to allow him to depart.

Sure, if you offer Bailey $20 million plus he will return to the Skins :)

But why pay him that much if no one else steps up and offers more than $14 million?

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