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Don't expect any coaches with experience to come and coach here.

Green, Johnson, etc....... they want to handle personal but Snyder wants to keep the FO as it is.

He expects us to hire an assistant or a college coach.

I am curious why the love for Romeo?? Isn't Bellicheck the master of that D?

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Originally posted by Art

I don't really want to give a coach control over personnel. A say, sure. But not control. There are really very few examples of that setup working over any period of time.

I either heard or read recently (maybe even here on the board?) a great comment along those lines. Even if a coach doesn't "shop for the groceries" (Parcells), they ought to at least make up the grocery list.

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the last time the Redskins brought in an assistant that didn't have a major profile was Joe Gibbs :D

you don't have to hire Gary Kubiak or Romeo Crenel to get a quality coach, just because they are high profile.

that is one of the reasons why having a good GM that can interview and evaluate coaching candidates is a real asset to successful clubs :)

Do we trust Cerrato and Snyder to evaluate coaches properly?

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