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NYP: Chef who killed trans wife undone by smell of boiled human flesh


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Chef who killed trans wife undone by smell of boiled human flesh


It was the smell that drew police to the inner Brisbane apartment.


A foul stench no one could quite place. Unmistakably foreign.


But no one could have imagined the true horror that lay behind that apartment door.


Human flesh in a large pot, removed from a nearby stovetop.


Marcus Volke was a chef by trade — a chef with a particular interest in bone broth. But the final broth the 27-year-old would make came not from a quest for healthy living.


He made it to conceal a murder, and the sordid double life his family knew nothing about.


The inquest

The two officers who called at Volke’s apartment, ostensibly for a welfare check, thought they had stumbled upon a sick prank.


In the pot he had been using to cook his partner Mayang Prasetyo’s body parts, they found what appeared to be human feet.


Other parts of Prasetyo’s dismembered remains were found in a garbage bag near the washing machine.


The inquest into Prasetyo’s and Volke’s deaths heard that Senior Constable Bryan Reid and Constable Luke McWhinney initially were called to conduct a routine welfare check late on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014.


“(There) was a bad smell, it was something I hadn’t smelt before and can’t really describe,” Reid said on the opening day of the inquest in Brisbane on Monday.




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