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2016 Mock Drafts: Jarran Reed To The Redskins?

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My goodness. The season isn't over and these mock drafts are starting already.



I agree, for us this is crazy. But I would be willing to put money on SM and the FO has a big board for not just 2016, not just 2017, but they have starter 2018 and 2019. They have guys they will be looking at for 4 to 6 yrs before they can even be drafted. That's why I love these arm chair QBs who know so much about these players and act like they know more than the FOs of the NFL teams and they only know a fraction.


Jarran Reed would be a great pick. I also expect to see a big WR, a 6'4" type guy with speed and athleticism. We have gotten by with smallish WRs but we really need that big threat to help take the pressure off Jordan Reed. Next year people are going to take him out if they can. If it were me I would tell my DC, that guy better not beat us. I don't care what else happens, but that guy needs to be the most frustrated player in the NFL after our game!

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