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Our recent success in the draft


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I don't typically start threads, but this is something I've been thinking about and something that I think has strongly contributed to our success this year.  I searched the first six pages and didn't see anything, apologies if I missed anything.    


We all know we haven't had the best luck in the draft the past 15+ years.  Either we foolishly traded away our draft picks or made bad choices with the ones we've had.  Devin Thomas, David Amerson, Kevin Barnes, Malcolm Kelly, Laron Landry, Patrick Ramsey, Leonard Hankerson, etc.  And those are just the early round misses, we missed in the later rounds too.  I remember watching the draft a few years ago and Mel Kiper Jr. lambasted the Skins front office for failing to build through the draft, and I couldn't have agreed with him more.  Drafts build talent and create much needed depth, which is critical in the NFL.


However, I watch the games this year, and names jump out.  Young guys who show tons of promise.  We have definitely been drafting much better the past few years.  There are the obvious guys like Kirk Cousins, Jordan Reed, Ryan Kerrigan, Trent Williams, and Alfred Morris.  But then we've been drafting smart in the later rounds as well.  Guys who have contributed significantly to this team.  Chris Thompson, Bashaud Breeland, Ryan Grant, Tom Compton, Jamison Crowder, Matt Jones, Preston Smith, Kyshoen Jarrett.  There are others as well.  


Basically I am loving what I have been seeing from our young guys and am very much excited for the future of this team!  A lot of credit goes to the front office and coaching staff for scouting and putting together a competitive talented team.  




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