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#SkinsCamp Day 15: Notes & Highlights

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Seriously, I hope he adds some leadership to that disaster in Cleveland for the Browns sake. Playing spin the bottle daily to find your starting QB at this point is insane. None of the players have a clue who the leader of the pack is and the staff is clueless. 4 & 12 last year - that might look pretty good by the end of 2014. 


BTW, before anyone gets the wrong idea, not saying he should be their QB. If Rex comes in at all on Monday that entire staff should be fired on the spot. But he's got to be a better mentor than Thigpen. Tyler not that much younger than Rex and certainly not the body of work as Rex or the familiarity with Kyle. If you get down to your #3 QB you're pretty much F'd anyway.


Why not get a guy who actually fits in to start with? Considering other guys that they might have gotten before now that could have helped out it was a stupid choice between these two in the beginning.

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You knew that Kyle couldn't concentrate without his security blanket. Now that he has his BFF with him again they can ruin the Browns TOGETHER!



yeah surprise,surprise surprise !!!! Not !!!! kyle must have did talking to get his buddy signed.

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We are kidding about it but this is really a good pick up by them. They have to have 3QBs because the young guys cannot be counted on. With 6 yrs in the system, Rex will be another coach during practice. Also, he can be signed for the Veteran minimum which actually gives the team a small break on the salary cap.


I hope he does well - did I keep a straight face when I said that last thing......  LMFAO!!  

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Back on topic - 


From Keim - http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11350137/bashaud-breeland-washington-redskins-cited-marijuana-possession


Going to be interesting to see how Jay handles this. Maybe John has some input (Monday nite). Especially coming on the heels of Jays comment about, "We've had no disciplinary things we've had to go through," Gruden said. "It's been really a pleasant surprise with how professional they've all been and how they're coming in here."


Also from John - http://espn.go.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/9831/redskins-defense-what-we-learned


Overall, good things;


...they benefited from the more physical camp run by coach Jay Gruden. 

For the most part it translated into better tackling.


They truly believe they will be more aggressive in terms of play calls and schemes.

Probably more of freeing up guys to blitz - not sending more in. 


Guys who love contact - Trenton Robinson, Darryl Sharpton. Fringe players that find a way to make a team.


Secondary - still has questions but if at least two guys step up could be adequate. (Don't know how good he feels about Breeland now though. He did.)


Anyway, there's more - good read.

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