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  1. well we didn't cowturds and indians right our special teams stepped into too many cowturds and not stepping on enough of them,I guess they miss Lorenzo Alexander .

  2. well its time to play cowturds and indians ,you can step on as many cowturds as you want just don't step in one!!!

  3. the wheels haven't fell off but we just need to fix a flat!!!

  4. how u play cowpies and indians? our team can step "ON" as many cowpies as they want ,just don't step 'IN' one!!!!

    1. Qdeathstar
    2. hailyeah1


      how u play giants and indians? u tie rope to a tree,pull rope, trip gaint and scalp em!!

  5. hailyeah1

    **** the Cowboys

    why would you want that ,he's our best player on their team ,he gift wraps footballs and we send a thank you saying thanks for the ints!!!LOL!!!