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Alfred Morris: 'I Was Made For This'

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What I find funny is how everyone & their mother said Trent Richardson was SSSOOO much better than Alfred when they were coming out of college. Even after their Rookie season these same people, including their mothers, continued to say Richardson was still SSSOOO much better. I know Alfred has dam near 3,000 yards rushing & 20 TDs. So to all those people I ask this question...How's Richardson is doing?



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Hail Canada - You are right about the naysayers. I am still pissed gthat Doug Martin got the Probowl nod over AM. Where is Martin now? Even after a missing year there are some idiots stating that Martin is a bette back. By what measure? AM destroyed him in every category!


Extermely underrated player. I hope he gets 2000 this year but will be really happy with 1500 which is a very reachable number.   How about 2000 all purpose yards? He is going to get some chances in the pass game. They can't double garcon and DJax and still have people to cover Reed, Roberts, and AM!!  And they can't sell out on pass or AM or RGIII will blister them. All we need is just an average Oline. Let's cross our fingers!

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