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Please help out these orphaned kids

The Sisko

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While in the process of leaving an abusive husband, a friend of mine was killed by her husband in a murder suicide a few weeks ago. It was to say the least shocking and one of the saddest things ever. After all, you typically don't think that kind of thing could happen to someone you know.  :( It was definitely a sad reminder that life can be gone in an instant.


So now her children are without any parents. They are being taken care of by family but could use some help for a future education fund. Could you all find a few extra bucks to donate to their cause? A group of friends set up a donation site and are also in the process of setting up a trust fund to assure that any money donated is used appropriately. Any amount you all could donate would be greatly appreciated. If you can't donate, please at least share the donation site with others.


Many Thanks!

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