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Most disappointing post-Gibbs I season?


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Lets review a few of the post Gibbs I seasons and see where this one ranks as far as disappointment goes:


1993: Its anything but "business as usual" for Richie Petitbon as the team that won the Super Bowl two seasons earlier completely falls off a cliff to 4-12.  We've seen some bad offenses since, but folks, this one was anemic.


1998: after Norv rebuilt us back to mediocrity (96-97 remain the last two consecutive winning record seasons for the Skins), we start over with a "Green" QB after Gus is benched in Game 1 and begin the year 0-7 before ending 6-10.


2000: Coming off a division title, Fortune 500 Skins manage to start 6-2 before offensive struggles and the lack of a good kicker do the team in and stagger to an 8-8 finish after Norv is fired with 3 games left.


2006: Gibbs returns and gets us to the playoffs in his second year, but Al Saunders' 700-page playbook confounds the offense and the defense takes a major step back. In the words of Steve Spurrier, "5 and 11.....not too good!"


2013:  The present fiasco. Team struggled early but really seemed to have flatlined since blowing the Vikings game.


I didn't include the 1996 season where we started 7-1, nor the 2008 season when we started 6-2, mainly because of the expectations heading into those weren't so great. I do think there are some that thought, despite the bad finish to 2008, that Zorn and Campbell were going to put it together in 2009. I was not among them.


Thoughts? Any other nominees?

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1993- Petibone's season was such a shock to system.

1996- Finishing 9-7, after starting 7-1 was a disappointment. He should've been on the hot seat going into 1997.

1997-  8-7-1: The Head Butt game.  This is when I realized Norv wasn't the coach.  He should've been fired.

1998- 6-10, after starting 0-7.  I expected a divisional title.  The ownership situation saved Turner's sorry ass.

2000- 8-8. expect a Superbowl appearance and we flopped big time.

2003- We started good but the season fell into ruins. Lost hope and was enraged at Snyder.

2004- Overexpectaions for Gibbs first year.

2006- Though we would make the playoffs.

2008-  That start was great but then it all fell apart.

2009- Miserable season, right back to 2003. Enraged at Snyder.

2010- After trading for Mcnabb, I thought we would do good. 

2013- Another big let down



Being disappointed and let down has been mostly the norm in the post Gibbs 1 era.

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It's easily the 2000 season for me. In hindsight, it is easy to see why that season happened the way it did. To add the kind of talent they did to a defending division champion, who was a botched snap away from the NFC championship game, and then to **** the bed in the 2nd half of the next season was extremely disappointing.

The only reason this season is 2nd worst for me is because I felt that the perfect storm had brewed before the season had even started. With Robert's knee, the Cap penalty, and the glaring lack of talent in a few key spots, I truly expected the team to be in contention to possibly make the playoffs where in 2000, I was never more sure that we would see our team back in the Super Bowl

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A lot to chose from but personaly 2013 has been the hardest and most disapointing for me. Expectations were set so high. I though if Robert couldn't go at least Kirk could do well enough for us to stay competative but Brees, Manning or Brady couldn't have made us competative with this OL, defense, coaching and special teams. I kind of just lost it for football this year. I used to like to watch Monday, Sunday and Thursday night football and other games even if the Redskins were not playing but they just sucked the football life out of me this year and I watch them under-achive every week and thats it. 

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