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Cnn Travel: "it's Official: One World Trade Center Is To Be Tallest Building In Us But There's Controversy


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It seems to me that since buildings generally are first and foremost about serving people/cities/nations, and since the allure of a tall building tends to orbit the notion of personally being at or near the top of it, the most appropriate standard for building "height" really should be the elevation of the highest regularly occupied floor.


So if the antenna making up 30% of your building's height is off limits to 99.999% of the city and nobody regularly lives or works up there on a on a daily, non-antenna-maintenance basis, then I couldn't possibly care less about whether or not that antenna is structural or architecturally significant.  Antenna is antenna and building is building.


There is a separate height category for general self-supporting structures.  Even those that stand on top of buildings.  Sucka.

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