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Where To Watch College Football Games?

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Ok, so me and the wife are taking a field trip to DC with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend to watch the Skins/Bears game Sunday!    With all that hype aside, we are driving up Sat. morning early.  We are staying at a hotel near the Dulles airport.  What are some good sports bars to watch college football at?  Im an FSU fan in football, so I want to watch the mighty Seminoles rip into the punk ass Clemson Tigers. 



All help/references are appreciated. 

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If I had to choose one place to watch a game, it would probably be The Green Turtle. Individual TVs on the table you can control, so you can watch whatever game you want. Or you can hang in the bar and watch ALL the games on the 50 big screens surrounding the entire bar area. 


Buffalo Wild Wings is also good, but I actually prefer the Turtles wings.

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