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Asking Forgiveness


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To those I have wronged in deed or thought I ask forgiveness and for the strength to be better. To that which I have envied, hurt or through inaction allowed suffering, I hope to be better. Today, as every day has the chance to be a day of renewal, a start of a new year. Let us live up to our promise and be true to our word.

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Hope you had a fulfilling Yom Kippur Burg.

Thanks.  I think the best thing I did was I taped some shofar music so I could bring it to where my Mom was rehabbing.  The sounds of those horns are very meaningful to her.  This way even though she couldn't be part of any service at least she got to hear the shofar blast.


(shofar is a hollowed out ram's horn that is blown like a trumpet.  It's blown in three specific ways each with its own significance and is played primarily only at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur)

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