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New orleans takes a hit


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Just looking at the subjects, I didn't see this but if someone has posted it already, sorry for repeating.

I was browsing the sports and saw that Roaf apparently has torn his ACL and is out for 6 months. That's like us loosing either Samuels or Janson. A big blow to the Saint's line.

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I thought of the Saints and the Eagles, one of them was certain to take a step back this year, and the other was going to make a step forward. I had the Saints as my team to step forward as they play a style of football I enjoy more than the Eagles, and they have an offense that actually does things at intermediate and deep depths in the passing game.

Looks like I was wrong on this prediction as the Saints I've seen aren't playing inspired football and seem pretty easy to control if you play with intensity and go right at them. I guess the question now is whether the Eagles step forward or also step back as I thought they would. They have two games they should win coming up, though.


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the Saints have been the victims of some overhyping to be sure, but they are also in a tough division this year. Not only are the Rams back at 8-2 but you also have the 49ers suddenly rising up to be playoff-wildcard caliber. Even the Falcons are 6-4.

so, in a way, I think the jury is still out on the Saints, they may not be done yet.

I don't think the Eagles are done either.

What everyone has to remember is that often good teams are 5-4 or 6-5 and then finish 10-6 or 11-5.

Remember San Francisco was 5-5 in 1988 and finished 10-6 and then went on to win the Super Bowl?

The Giants were 5-4 last year and ended up 12-4 and went to the Super Bowl?

Even the Bucs in 2000 started poorly and were only 3-4, but finished 10-6.

The teams I expected to fall back were the early frontrunners like San Diego and Cincinnati that didn't have a lot of talent and others like Minnesota and Indy that didn't believe you needed a defense to contend.

Something the Rams found out the hard way last season.

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This is good news for us to be sure, but it's not a guarantee of anything. Think about this for a second. The Saints in all liklihood have all the things that we do: solid defense, and a good running game. Their QB if anything is as good or better than Banks, and is certainly more capable of being a playmaker. Their receivers are as solid as ours.

The point is that we should not yet write them off as a playoff contender, for we have no more reason to than we would to write ourselves off (granted, we have a better shot of winning our division than they do, and we have momentum).

The effect of losing Roaf, who's one of the best left tackles in the NFL and who is consistently praised as the best on the Saints' line, may be huge. It will be interesting to see what effect it has on Williams' rushing numbers, and whether it makes Aaron Brooks more conscious of his blindside and therefore more jittery and apt to scramble.

As for my preseason evaluation of the Saints, I too thought they would take a step forward. I was going to put money on them in Vegas in August to win the Super Bowl given the combination of my analysis of their chances and the good odds (12:1 as I recall) but Mr. Blackjack took the money I was going to use. biggrin.gif


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