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Need Help with Chive Sign


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Hey guys... could use some input from you all...

One of my favorite sites is The Chive, Typically containing all sort of funny or interesting pics.

One of the things they are known for are folks from all over the world in either interesting places, funny or difficult situations usually holding up a sign that usually ends with "Keep Calm, and Chive On".

Here are some examples: http://thechive.com/category/random/chive-everywhere/

I would like to do our own version at the final tailgate against the Vikings on Christmas Eve with the Extremeskins Tailgate...

If you could, please post some ideas of some stuff we could have on a poster (ending with the keep calm and chive on) that the tailgate group would be holding for the picture, which we will submit to The Chive.

These ideas could indicate something about the fact that we are all drinking alcohol at 10 in the morning, or about the fact that it is Christmas Eve, or about the fact that the season has been less than steller, but we have the draft to look forward to..

Thanks All !!!!

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It's 10 a.m. on Christmas Eve,

In Santa and the Skins, we all believe.

It's time for cheer, and time for drink,

No matter what the haters think.

And whether the Skins have lost or won,

We'll always "Keep Calm, and Chive on."

I LOVE IT! Miss you HH!

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