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Video: Ex-Viking QB Joe Kapp, 73, Decks Cane Wielding Ex-Lineman, 73

Dan T.

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Some may remember Joe Kapp, a scrappy Vikings quarterback who played in the CFL and NFL the 60s and 70s. For those who don't, his playing style was a little bit like Tim Tebow's, only dirtier and with cursing. He was originally drafted by the Redskins, played in Canada and became a CFL great before signing with the Vikes

Well, the CFL held an alumni luncheon last Friday. Kapp was there, as was Angelo Mosca, also 73, a former defensive tackle with the CFL Hamilton Tigers-Cats. Apparently, those two have a feud dating back to the 1963 Grey Cup, when Mosca delivered a questionable hit on Kapp's teammate, RB William Fleming, that knocked him out of the game.

From the video below, it looks like both men have long memories. Kapp makes a lame-ass offer of flowers as a supposed peace offering, Mosca says to "shove 'em up your ass," Kapp sticks them in Mosca's face, Mosca swings a cane, punches fly.

To me, Kapp looks like a class-A jerk here. One eyewitness said that earlier in the banquet as the two were seated at the same table, Mosca attempted to shake hands, and Kapp refused..

Anyway, good times at the CFL alumni luncheon...


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