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Redskins Suck!!!


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Thread will probably get locked, but our coaches don't suck. We have a personel issue. We are still a year or two away. We knew this at the beginning of the season but the 2-0 start gave us false hope. I have hope for this team and am optimistic but our QBs are going to have to play better. Much better if we plan on competing this year.

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You Know What I mean???? I'm Drunk and piss off ,that I can't even spell.


Stay faithful. We are not who we looked like after week one. We have holes to plug, and a canyon to fill at the QB position. Quite frankly I think it's time to see what Beck can do. Not because the season is lost, but because I'd like to see if the season can be revived in Beck. If not then we know what we need in the draft next year.

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