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Tracking the 9/11/2011 Redskins Game Jerseys


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#,Name,Jersey Location, Sale Price


8,"Grossman, Rex",JO Sportsco, 2000.

10,"Gaffney, Jabar",NFL Auctions, 1005.

20,"Atogwe, Oshiomogho",

23,"Hall, DeAngelo",JO Sportsco, 1750. ($831 via JO Sportsco Auction but now back on site at 1750.)

25,"Hightower, Tim",NFL Auctions, 5210.

26,"Wilson, Josh",

37,"Doughty, Reed",

47,"Cooley, Chris",

52,"McIntosh, Rocky", NFL Auctions, 683.

59,"Fletcher, London",JO Sportsco, 1750.

63,"Montgomery, Will",

66,"Chester, Chris",

71,"Williams, Trent",

72,"Bowen, Stephen",

77,"Brown, Jammal",

78,"Lichtensteiger, Kory",

83,"Davis, Fred",NFL Auctions, 2510.

89,"Moss, Santana",JO Sportsco, 2100.

91,"Kerrigan, Ryan", NFL Auctions, 3000.

94,"Carriker, Adam",

96,"Cofield, Barry",

98,"Orakpo, Brian",JO Sportsco, 2100.



4,"Gano, Graham",

6,"Rocca, Sav",

13,"Armstrong, Anthony",NFL Auctions, 881.

16,"Banks, Brandon",NFL Auctions, 715.

18,"Austin, Terrence",

22,"Barnes, Kevin",

24,"Gomes, DeJon",

29,"Helu, Roy",

34,"Westbrook, Byron",

36,"Young, Darrel",

50,"Jackson, Rob",

51,"Fox, Keyaron",

56,"Riley, Perry",

57,"Sundberg, Nick",

64,"Golston, Kedric",

82,"Paulsen, Logan",

84,"Paul, Niles",

95,"Neild, Chris",

97,"Alexander, Lorenzo",



12,"Beck, John",NFL Auctions, 1001.

32,"Thompson, Brandyn",

46,"Torain, Ryan", Hunt / NFL Superbowl XLVI Auction - Lot 210 - $400

58,"Cook, Erik",

74,"Locklear, Sean",



18,"Stallworth, Donte'",

30,"Landry, LaRon", Hunt / NFL Superbowl XLVI Auction - Lot 227 - $218

45,"Sellers, Mike",

55,"White, Markus",

69,"Smith, Willie",

85,"Hankerson, Leonard",

93,"Scott, Darrion",

The above list shows where the game jerseys of the 9/11 Redskins roster have ended up. The JO ones unfortunately do not have the patches on them; they told me the patches belonged to the league and had to be returned to the NFL.

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Where should it be? I thought of posting it in the MTH's Game Used Jersey thread but it would be hard to go back and update conveniently. I sure wish there were one of these for the

GU patched jersey game as a lot of jerseys have come up from players who were cut prior to that season.

The Hightower went for over 5K and the Davis went for over 2K on NFL Auctions. JO has them for between $1750 and $2100. The two up now on NFL Auctions are in the $400s but

probably will go up by next Monday/Tuesday.

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I happened upon the guy who won the Hightower jersey on NFL Auctions. He was wearing it at the Eagles game yesterday in D1/D2 Purple/Orange lot right next to Redskins Rd. Anyone walking up from the RV lot or Greed D3 would have seen him.

There's some interesting things to say about the sleeve cuffs on the Beck 9/11. The preseason and 9/11 Beck's for 2011 have the full gold and white trim going around the sleeve. They do not have the elastic thin band of yellow only in the armpit area that is typical of 2006 and later ones. However, in the game yesterday he had the open sleeves with the gold and white silkscreen. The yellow part was cut back to only a quarter inch or so.

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Would seem to me that Brosweets1 would best be suited to drinking his skittle vodka, instead of trying to comment on MTH's jersey choices/and/or authenticity.......:evilg:

/THREAD Back on Track..............

Who bought the scalped Fletcher 2011 9/11 Tribute Jersey? If that thing had the patch, I would have bought it the second it was listed.......

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Who bought the scalped Fletcher 2011 9/11 Tribute Jersey? If that thing had the patch, I would have bought it the second it was listed.......

The Fletcher is back up with no pending overwrite on the JO site. In fact the only one now with pending is Hall and I think that's because they have it on their auction. I think people

backed out of buying when they realized the patches were off.

On a related topic, the second half kickoff ball is on NFL Auctions now with the 9/11 patch representation on the ball. The 9/11 balls at JO do not have the patch representation. Were there

both types of balls on 9/11?

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Sheesh. I didn't realize the championship destiny of the team was based on my jersey choice. Guess I better get my act together...

If thats the case you've been wearing replica's to the games the last 2 decades:silly:

But I know you haven't so maybe your Jersey choice isn't all that important in the grand scheme of things.

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