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  1. Nope. I tried to inquire about it but was told it was based on seat assignments and preferences. I figured with RGIII and the potential for success, they'd be less willing to go out of their way. I may give them a call tomorrow with another generic request and see what someone else says.
  2. Last time I checked, they were advertising them for sale with the standing room party deck seats. If you call the TO tomorrow, they should be able to add it to your account. I purchased it for the sole reason of getting it on my account as well. It makes it easier to get upgraded to green, and if you do sell it, you help out yourself and possibly another board member. Can't beat karma points .
  3. I know, me too, and yeah, when I read people were being contacted about extra Green B3 passes available, I jumped all over it. I had originally declined the Gray parking.
  4. I'm a first year STH, and I have been following this thread and the ones from years ago religiously. Based on previous years, I expected to find out my seats around July 7th. I'm here to report my seats have disappeared off my invoice and the manage tickets has appeared with the games but still no location. I placed the down payment for my tickets back in January, so any other first year people keep an eye out. What an exciting time!
  5. IONTOP, if I were you, I would purposely skip out on going to her friend's house again to promote a fight. Before doing so, I would strategically place a pool filled with jello and cameras. Anyway... I saw a squirrel today on my campus. I was playing with it in a sort of standoff as the squirrels on my campus are ballsy, mischievous, and planning to overtake mankind. Moments later I watched as a hawk flew down, killed my squirrel friend, and began to gouge at and eat the squirrel over a span of fifteen minutes. It upset me.
  6. Dr. Do Itch Big, you are not alone. I love math to a freakish degree. I agree about it being a turn on. I do derivations and integrals for the fun of it in my free time. It annoys the hell out of my girlfriend, haha. I used to think I was the only person like this.
  7. I have a random, maybe even pointless, question. I have a Plymouth Acclaim, V6 3.0 L, and I was looking to add a Flow Master Muffler to it. I've heard dual exhaust is pointless for a V6, especially with the way my exhaust is, but would adding the muffler give me any more horse power as advertised? I guess you could say I'm looking for the deep rumbling sound out of it too, anything there?
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